Housing in Freising

The housing situation in München and Freising is tough. We are sorry for not being able to reserve a room for you in the student dormitories of the "Studentenwerk München".

It is strongly recommended to try to find a room on your own. Remember that the campus of our Master Program is located in the town of Freising; nevertheless, if you find a room in Munich take it. Freising and Munich are only 30 min apart and the train connections are excellent. The following web pages that can help on your search.

Student accomodation in Germany




Student accomodation in and around Munich

To read the local newspaper adverts and look at the postings on the bulletin board at the university is the most efficient way of searching a private room. If you can arrange it, come to Freising for a short time before the semester starts and make an intensive query.

Rooms for short-term rental might be an option for such undertaking:


Mr Lodge

Wimdu - Private accomodation


For contacts to people in Munich who might be in a similar situation and may have valuable recommendations in certain cases, please have a look at toytown Munich.

All the best with your search!